About OSRS Calc

We are OSRS Calc. We created this website with a lot of different Old School RuneScape Calculators, such as combat level, herblore, max hit and many more, in order for RuneScape players to instantly see what they need or what they hit.

We started out in 2019 and our focus is to keep every calculator up to date with the latest changes by RuneScape. In the future we are also going to add regular RuneScape calculators. But this is a plan for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a downloadable database or API?

We are currently working on getting a Old School RuneScape API out there. That way anybody can use all the data from RuneScape easily on their own site. This means it will become easier for others to create websites like this one!

How do I advertise on OSRS Calc?

We currently don't run ads on our website, because we do not like ads. We always find that ads decrease the user experience. And we achieve to be the best OSRS Calculator with the best user experience.

Is OSRS Calc for sale?

No! This site is independently run by one small team (with help from our great community) and is not for sale, wholly or partially. Do not email us with stupid offers because we are not interested.

Is OSRS Calc affiliated with RuneScape?

No we are not affiliated with Old School RuneScape. We simply created this website with skill, combat and max hit calculators for people that like to quickly look things up.

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