Old School RuneScape Calculators

Old School Runescape Calculators

We provide the best OSRS Calculators so that you can spend more time playing RuneScape and less time calculating. Our wide variety of RuneScape Calculators helps you get better at the game. We have created Skill Calculators, Other Calculators such as our Combat Level Calculator, Melee Max Hit Calculator, and Ranged Max Hit Calculator.

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OSRS Max Hit Calculators

Melee Max Hit
Magic Max Hit
Ranged Max Hit

OSRS Skill Calculators

Agility Calculator
Construction Calculator
Cooking Calculator
Crafting Calculator
Farming Calculator
Firemaking Calculator
Fishing Calculator
Fletching Calculator
Herblore Calculator
Hunter Calculator
Magic Calculator
Mining Calculator
Prayer Calculator
Runecrafting Calculator
Smithing Calculator
Thieving Calculator
Woodcutting Calculator

OSRS Calculators

Combat Level
House Planner
Pest Control
Equipment Compare
Quest Planner
HP per GP
Prayer Drain
Equipment Bonus
High Alch
DPS Calculator

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